1. Meet us to learn about how to get a mortgage in the Netherlands

New residents in the Netherlands often ask us, “do I qualify for a mortgage?” In most instances, the answer is yes. The best place to start is by scheduling a free call with us to discuss your options and answer your questions in depth.

After the introductory call, we invite you to our online portal to upload your mortgage estimate documents.

Your overview includes closing fees, an affordable mortgage sum, tax benefits, and a summary of your mortgage, including mortgage forms, interest rates, and monthly payments. It’s all free of charge.

During the 60-minutes we walk you through your mortgage overview, purchasing a home, and the mortgage application process.

2. Let the house hunt begin

This is the fun part. After we’ve explored your options for getting a home loan in Amsterdam, it’s time to start searching for properties. In the Netherlands, buyers usually receive assistance from an estate agent who will negotiate the sale with the agent selling the home.

As a Mister Mortgage customer, you’ll have access to our network of realtors, so you know you’re working with a professional you can trust. If you don’t have a real estate agent yet, feel free to schedule a free call today.

Besides, do not forget to subscribe to new property listings in Funda. When you’ve found the home of your dreams (keep us posted!), we can also connect you with notaries, appraisers, tax advisors, contractors, and anything else you need.

3. Did you find your dream home?

The moment you find your dream home, let us know. It is time to collect documents for your mortgage application. When you find your dream home, please share the link with us.

We check to see if the property gets accepted by banks. For example, we will check if your future house has a healthy owner association (VvE). Mortgage lenders may be reluctant to give a loan if the house owner association does not exist.

4. What’s next?

We arrange a meeting to discuss your mortgage setup and lender. You’ll receive a detailed outline of the options available and how they support your financial goals, offering advice at every stage.

When you’ve reached a decision, we’ll apply for the lender’s binding offer, the bank guarantee, and confirm the insurances to get your mortgage approved. As part of the process, we’ll also arrange bank accounts and any other financial services you need.

5. Final steps

We submit your mortgage application. The moment your mortgage is approved, we arrange the bank guarantee and insurances.

It is time to prepare for the date of transferring ownership. Your notary sends you a statement with the closing fees. We arrange the final meeting to discuss your mortgage lender before we submit your mortgage application.

As soon as your mortgage is approved, your financial situation will change. For this reason, we take time to explain to you four different life scenarios ( disability, divorce, retirement, and death) and help you to plan your financial future.

You visit your property to see if the property is left as promised. It’s time to collect your keys and sign the deed of ownership at the notary. Your notary sends you a statement with closing fees.

Closing fees are tax-deductible in the Netherlands. You can submit a tax return from the previous year in which the expenses are incurred.

Congratulation! You’re a homeowner in the Netherlands!

We can offer you a personalized mortgage report
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    Plan a 10-minute call with us. We want to learn more about your financial goals.

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    We set up the online mortgage report.

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    We plan a second call to discuss your mortgage calculations.

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    What's next? It is time to start looking
    for your dream house.