Impact of leasing a car

Impact of leasing a car

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Leasing a car impacts your mortgage

Leasing a car impacts your mortgage

Leasing a car impacts your mortgage.

It’s hard to make the right decision for your home with so many different properties. Besides all mortgage rules, you also need to know about your personal financial situation, so for example, any credits you have.

All credits are registered with the Bureau Krediet Registratie (BKR) in Tiel. The BKR is the Dutch Credit Registration Office. The registration ensures that lenders see whether you already have or have had a credit. Any payment problems are also registered.

BKR Registration

Banks and lenders want to know if you have borrowed money elsewhere. So they want to know if you had or have payment problems. A BKR assessment is only possible if you give permission to the lender. When signing a mortgage offer, for example, the lender specifically asks for permission.

Their aim is to:

  • limit and prevent credit and payment risks for financial institutions.
  • prevent the overextension of credits.
  • prevent problematic debt situations.

Which credits does BKR register?

  • Different types of consumer loans.
  • Credit cards with a monthly installment.
  • Buying in monthly installments (this also applies to mobile phones).
  • Customer card limits.
  • Limits on debit cards.
  • Mortgage payment arrears of more than 120 days.
  • Residual debts from a mortgage.
  • Private lease contracts.

Every credit impacts your Loan-to-Income, but the impact differs per type of credit. Contact us to inform you.

Contact us to lease a car or take out a different type of credit.

BKR registration and the GDPR

The general data protection regulation (GDPR) is applicable from 25 May 2018. The BKR decided that consumers can request their personal data once a year for free to see what’s registered. There used to be costs involved.

How does it work?

You request your personal data through the website of BKR (Dutch). It takes 28 days before you receive your personal data at home. If you want to receive a digital version or receive your data faster, you opt for a paid version. You request your data free of charge once a year. Contact us for help with their way of working.

Contact us to receive a pre-approval on your financial possibilities to buy a home.

See what you know and where you can improve your mortgage approach so you make an informed decision about the terms of your mortgage.

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Every credit impacts your Loan-to-Income. The impact differs per type of credit. Contact us to inform you about how leasing a car impacts your mortgage.
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