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Some mortgage advisors in Amsterdam offer a mortgage calculator that estimates the amount that you could borrow based on broad parameters. We prefer to give our clients an accurate calculation from the get-go.


Looking for a mortgage calculator? We can do better.

Maximum Mortgage Calculator - the NetherlandsOur wealth of experience in helping residents from abroad into homes in the Netherlands has solidified our belief that one-size-fits-all mortgage calculators simply don’t serve our customers. Many of these calculators give an oversimplified figure without looking at the bigger picture or the details.

Our tailor-made mortgage solutions include giving customers an accurate estimation every time, and one that considers the individual factors that make up your personal financial situation.

Details such as your employment history in the Netherlands and overseas, your financial obligations, expenses and other sources of income all impact the amount that you could borrow for your home. We take the time to get to know you and to find a mortgage package that sets you up for financial success.

Although we’re based in Amsterdam and know the Dutch market inside and out, we’re also up to speed on international financial regulations. This means that we can better interpret your financial situation as a whole and calculate a maximum mortgage accurately. For example, we understand the workings of the tax system in the UK, which we use to better serve our UK-based clients.

If you’re interested in getting an estimate without a mortgage calculator, speak to us for a tailor-made assessment.

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