How does it work?

Use our mortgage calculator to check how much you can borrow in the Netherlands. Fill in your annual income to review your mortgage estimate. Add your partner’s annual income if you are planning to buy a property together.

Your affordable mortgage sum depends on many factors. For example, a student loan can impact your mortgage sum. Dutch mortgage lenders consider a student loan as a debt. Your credit card, phone lease, or consumer loans determine your maximum mortgage sum.

The mortgage calculator can help you to estimate the amount you can borrow. Our mortgage advisors in Amsterdam offer mortgage tools to determine how much you can borrow. It is essential to know that many mortgage tools aren’t accurate enough and give you an estimate of what’s possible.

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Schedule a call to receive an invitation to our online mortgage portal. We set up a full mortgage report based on your uploaded documents.

  • Mortgage monthly payments.

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  • Online mortgage report updated per property.

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  • Priority communication.

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