Mortgage tax relief

Mortgage tax deduction in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has put tax breaks in place for homeowners and homeowners-to-be. The paid mortgage interest is tax-deductible in the Netherlands. For example, you can get a tax break on your mortgage’s interest, ground lease payments, or maintenance if your home is listed as a monument. Important to know that the amount of tax deduction depends on your income tax bracket. The more you earn, the higher the tax benefit you can get back.

Good to know that you pay more on interest with an annuity mortgage than with a linear mortgage. For this reason, the tax break is more significant on annuity mortgages.

Besides the ongoing tax benefit, you can deduct one-off-costs related to the purchase of a house. Tax-deductible fees include valuation report, mortgage brokerage and advisory, notary fees related to a mortgage, and mortgage handling fees.