Current Dutch mortgage interest rates

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Are you looking for the lowest mortgage interest rate? Take a look below at the current mortgage interest rates so you can see the lowest rates available.

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Mortgage adviser vs bank. Which is better?

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Whether you are planning to buy your first apartment, refinance or invest, you may not be aware of all your financing possibilities in the Netherlands. You’d be surprised to find…

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9 questions about the Dutch mortgage 2020

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As a home buyer, you must make a significant financial decision. The decision might look scarier than it truly is. If you are aware of the Dutch mortgage process, you…

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Corona news 2020

Covid-19 and Dutch mortgage rates

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What is the impact of Covid-19 on Dutch mortgage rates?  We’re receiving calls from clients about the impact of Covid-19 on their mortgage.  We will look at macro-developments before zooming in…

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What is NHG mortgage ?

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NHG or Nationale Hypotheek Garantie or National Mortgage Guarantee is a unique Dutch system which aims to protect you and your mortgage lender. The Dutch Government backs the scheme and…

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Buy-to-let - finding a rental

Buy-to-let: six tips before starting

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If you consider a buy-to-let property in the Netherlands, then you will notice that it works a bit different compared to a residential mortgage. For example, some Dutch banks will…

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Letting your home without permission

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The Financial Services Disputes Committee handled a case concerning a consumer who was letting his property without permission from his Bank.

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Possibilities with the WOZ value of 2019

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The average WOZ in the Netherlands value increased in 2019 for the fourth year in a row. The average value is € 248.000 per home, as measured per 01-01-2019. The…

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NHG limit increased to € 310,000 in 2020

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The Kadaster (public land registration) has published the average purchase price of new homes in August 2019. The NHG limit is increased to € 310,000 in 2020 from € 290,000…

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selling your property in the Netherlands

Property for sale in the Netherlands

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It’s hard to make the right decision when it comes to housing. Therefore, a tool for you to use to get more insight into how much cash you have at hand when selling your property.

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